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• These socks are super comfy and really soft
Children will run in terror when you arrive at the course to slay birdies just stroll the super market with this creepy show stopper on your pins. Sure, they've done that before because you're a weirdo- but this time we're going to say it's because of the art on your socks.
• Size is "One size fits most" BUT... I gotta tell ya folks, these feel a lot like a mens size 9 - 13 ; )
• Original art by Disc Giant/ Skot Meyer created originally for the 2021 Reno Am Jam - features a three headed monster bird with crowns representing the quest for supremacy at each of the three courses of the event
• COMPLETE with chain running down the back of the leg - ching!
• 87% polyester, 10% Cotton, 3% Spandex